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Blue Apron

Blue Apron delivers all the fresh ingredients and recipes you need, in exactly the right proportions, to make simple, seasonal home-cooked meals. New recipes are created each week by Blue Apron’s culinary team, so you'll learn to cook with new ingredients, cuisines, and cooking techniques. Discover a better way to cook!

Terms & Conditions

Blue Apron Gift Cards can only be used to redeem eligible goods in the United States from a Blue Apron Site. Blue Apron Gift Cards cannot be reloaded, resold, transferred for value or redeemed for cash (except as required by law). No portion of the balance on your Blue Apron Gift Card (“Blue Apron Balance”) may be transferred to another Blue Apron account.

Our Blue Apron Gift Cards may require the recipient (the "Recipient") to set up a Blue Apron account. In these cases, the Recipient of a Gift Card may be required to provide a credit card (or other approved payment method) when redeeming the Blue Apron Gift Card to cover recurring subscription fees that exceed the amount of the Gift Card in addition to any applicable taxes and other charges. For more information about our subscriptions, cancellation policy and recurring charges please visit the Blue Apron Terms of Use. No taxes are charged on the purchase of Blue Apron Gift Cards. Applicable taxes and shipping may be charged when Blue Apron Gift Cards are redeemed. Certain products may not be available for purchase with a Blue Apron Gift Card.

Purchases made with your Gift Card will be deducted from your Blue Apron Balance. Any unused Blue Apron Balance will remain associated with your Blue Apron account but if a purchase exceeds your Blue Apron Balance, you must pay the remaining amount with a credit card (or other approved payment method).

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