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Home and garden projects build desire for DIY gift card brands

Activity around home improvement projects heats up along with the temperatures this time of year.

According to the American Express Spending and Saving Tracker’s 2012 Home Decision Report, almost 70% of American homeowners are planning this year to improve their indoor and outdoor surroundings, and will spend an average of $3,500 – up $100 from 2011.

Whether inspired by home improvement cable TV shows, aired on HGTV and the DIY Network, having recently attended a local home expo show, or just wanting to upgrade the abode versus selling in a struggling real estate market, homeowners are creating big demand for home and garden supplies. The Home Improvement Research Institute says total home improvement product sales in the U.S. grew 3.8% to $269 billion in 2011. Additionally, the trade group predicts year-to-year 5.8% sales growth by 2015.

What are the most popular types of home improvement projects? We checked with the folks at Scarborough Research, a consumer and media research firm, and found a 2011 report on most popular projects, and the most popular places to buy the necessary stuff.

The top 10 list, beginning with most popular is: landscaping, interior paint/wallpaper, carpeting/floor covering, bathroom remodel, other remodeling, exterior paint, heating and air conditioning, kitchen remodel, roof repair/replacement, and window replacement.

Top shopping destinations for home improvement needs include Home Depot and Lowe’s, where 51% of those surveyed have visited either of those stores in the past year. Menards, which is, in many markets, a newcomer and big-player home improvement superstore, also received a top ranking.

National Gift Card is proud to have all three of these home improvement centers in its family of gift card retail partners. When looking to reward employees or loyal customers during this peak home improvement season, NGC is your trusted toolbox for incentive and recognition solutions.

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