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Team Collaboration and Recognition

Are you a team player? More importantly, are your employees team players?

Chances are, more than half of them consider themselves team players, according to recent research. That’s a good thing. Team collaboration has a number of benefits both for the team members and for your customers.

According to a recent article in Forbes, team members who work directly with customers can draw not only on the strengths of the team, but can also tap into the resources of other teams within the company if they’re faced with a problem they can solve on their own. Think of when you call the tech support team and they have to escalate your issue to a team with a higher level of expertise. Both teams should be rewarded because their collaboration represents a corporate commitment to customer satisfaction.
Teams also can provide their own internal growth by sharing solutions that have worked as well as those that haven’t. Individual members can learn how other members think and communicate those thoughts effectively.

Workplace team collaboration can often make goals more achievable in less time by dividing projects among members who have specific expertise. Eventually the entire team gains additional knowledge as the expertise is shared and absorbed.

Working as a part of a team is now beginning to be baked into the educational process, as more and more schools are encouraging not only team-teaching, but team-learning and remodeling classrooms to facilitate small groups of learners.

And, as has been pointed out in many studies, team recognition – in addition to individual recognition – increases employee satisfaction and retention.

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