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New approach to gift cards

There are times when something really big happens, and everyone wants to celebrate together. Sure, it would be nice to say that the pandemic is over and that we can all go back to normal. Sadly, that's not the case, but finding ways to adapt technology and offer cutting edge digital gift card solutions is what a national leader just like NGC is all about.

Even in this current climate of uncertainty, NGC is dedicated to finding creative solutions and evolving powerful new ideas that assist clients and their communities. Our technology team is focused on making a difference in people's lives and finding new ways to help.

NGC is excited to introduce the new Apple Gift Card, offering a unique, all-encompassing gift card system.

The Apple Gift Card does it all, expanding the NGC brand portfolio in diverse ways with flexible opportunities. The Apple Gift Card is a general-purpose gift card that allows consumers to make purchases across the entire Apple ecosystem, including products, accessories, apps, games, movies, books, and TV shows as well as subscriptions to Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, Apple Music, Apple Books, Apple News+ and iCloud.

With the new Apple Gift Cards, employees/team members/loyalty program members have an exciting array of choices through both the Apple Store and App Store, improving engagement and building incentive programs that truly deliver.

At the same time, NGC's focus remains on developing new groundbreaking systems that transition physical cards to a digital card model, in the case of Apple, available to be filled through a wide-ranging combination of Apple Store gift cards and iTunes gift cards. Think about it - fully cross-platform redeemable cards that can be used at both the Apple Store and App Store.

Now that's exciting. And groundbreaking.

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