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And The Winner Is...Your Involvement in Small Business Week!

Sometimes, all it needs is a little creativity to take advantage of a program like National Small Business Week which runs from May 1-7, 2016.

Start with the obvious: contact your local Chamber of Commerce or SCORE—once known as the Service Corps of Retired Executives. Chances are they have at least one or two activities related to Small Business Week and would be delighted to have your involvement.

It may also be a way to connect with other local businesses, perhaps even leading to events that help raise one another’s profiles in the community. Working together can often produce results with minimum effort.

There are a number of choices when it comes to driving interest (and ultimately sales) with gift cards, perhaps a Visa Prepaid Reward card or a Spa & Wellness Gift Card from Spa Week.

A second way might be to create longer lead campaigns, leveraging the heightened interest that comes as a result of Small Business Week and using that momentum to kick off an extended campaign, encouraging customers to continue the dialogue.

You may also want to consider a special edition newsletter, something that can be sent by e-mail (numerous providers are available). Again, the idea is to generate interest and buzz around specific activities related to Small Business Week. You might also find it worthwhile to include a poll that leads readers to your Facebook business page, perhaps using the Visa Prepaid Reward card or the Spa & Wellness Gift Card from Spa Week as an incentive for a lucky winner.

Need more ideas? How about a local deal for the community you serve. Making the investment pay off, separate new customers from those you already do business with and consider varying the offer to certain hours, especially if your business is slower at certain times or on certain days (the obvious point: try to drive new business to times when you need it the most).

Finally (without limiting yourself or your imagination), consider creating your own awards category. Winners could be featured in your newsletter or given special discounts or offers.

Remember, a National Gift Card makes a great prize for almost any initiative, especially the Visa Prepaid Reward card or the Spa & Wellness Gift Card from Spa Week.

And have some fun while you’re doing any or all of the above!

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